A very important day for me, The collaboration with Vel-oh

This is a very important day for me, its the day that my Illustrated Design appears on a product, a real life, tangible, physical product, and oh my goodness what a product it is!

Vel-oh is a cycling couture brand established in London in 2014. Vel-Oh engages fashion and design-conscious cyclists. I was commissioned to create a couple of patterns that were then printed onto kid calf leather and hand cut and stitched into beautiful, unique cycling gloves  Founders Greta Jankunaite and Zulfi Iqbal have launched their range this year at Spin London The Urban Cycling show and I ventured there to see the products in the flesh!

Apart from being totally thrilled to see my designs used in this way I was incredibly impressed by the skilled craftsmanship, attention to detail and considered design. The bags in their range are absolutely incredible and convert from an A3 size tote bag (useful for the artists amongst us as well as the cyclists) to a rucksack. From the internal pouch, magnetic clasps to the polka dot lining every detail is beautiful and functional. Its extremely satisfying how the bag just effortlessly “works”

The beautiful nature of leather is that it gets better over time. Combined with the waterproof coating and the padding at the key wear points these gloves are a wonderful investment that would brighten up any grey morning commute.

Speaking to Greta and Zulfi I got an understanding of how much work has gone into designing these products, from the mock up and prototype stages to the hand cutting of the materials. This is testament to their partnership that together they can create products that will fundamentally be the best they can possibly be!

I really enjoyed collaborating with Vel-oh in this way and would love to work with them in the future! I hope it is the first step to getting my Illustrated Designs, “Out there”and I would love to see my designs appear on a wide and varied range of products in the near future!

FullSizeRender IMG_4332 IMG_4335 Processed with Moldiv Screen Shot 2015-05-09 at 12.15.53 Greta SIZED patterns-05 Greta SIZED patterns-08

These images were created by initially hand drawing the elements, scanning and then vectorising in Illustrator. I then played with balancing the images so they flowed together well as a pattern. I particularly enjoyed working with the bright tropical colours, experimenting with the transparency and seeing how the images worked well overlapping on top of a dark background. I felt the intricate blue birds and flowers had a fresh and modern feel however was a little reminiscent of vintage design and inspired strongly by William Morris and Art Nouveau. I had a lot of fun building these patterns and I really enjoy working in this way.