Alphabet Pattern- Helvetica + Hand drawn

Each letter I have decorated with a hand drawn illustration. They have then been flipped and duplicated to create a detailed design. With some patterns you can tell which letter they originated from, others become something in their own right. By using letters and font as inspiration it enables my work to have a personalised edge which lends itself well to unique and tailor made commissions.

alphabet all together-01These are my favourite patterns from this series larger scale

A CR-01 K CR-01

Along side my Co creation and Live Illustration I really enjoy making patterns. I hope to print my designs onto T.shirts and reels of fabric very soon. I would love to have my designs on wallpaper, tiles, wrapping paper as well as greeting cards. I believe that having the custom made element to my work can open it up to tailor made wedding invites, baby shower gifts and other personalised gifts. Please get in touch if you are interested in any of the above.