The Pursuit of Better Deliverables- Creative Studio at Cello Health Insight

This Monday I had an absolutely brilliant time drawing straight onto the wall for another large scale Illustration. On this occasion it was for Cello Health Insight. This illustration coincided with the launch of their in house “Creative Studio” I used liquid chalk pens to draw directly onto the painted blackboard.

The drawing demonstrates how they can be utilised and maps out the points in which the researchers should “Talk to the Creative Studio”

Pursuit of better deliverables-01

With an excellent spot just by the kitchen, the drawing is in prime location to be viewed by many passers by throughout the day. It was a great opportunity to highlight how illustration can be incorporated into the research process and can be used to map out concepts in a vibrant and bold way.

I really enjoyed using the liquid chalk. It transferred well onto the wall with a strong contrast. I incorporated some colour to emphasise the flow of the illustration but kept the palette very limited with just yellow and blue.

Pursuit of better deliverables-02

Blog Post-03Please view the video to see the Illustration in its entirety . I have really enjoying creating large scale drawings and hope it can play its part in the “The pursuit of better deliverables.” A Big shout out to the Creative Team at Cello Health Insight that allowed me to draw on their wall in this way. Thank you!

If you would like a tailor made piece of wall art for your office or work place please don’t hesitate to get in touch!