“We Help Ambitious Brands” Large Scale Wall Mural for Human Innovation

A few months back, as one of my first Freelance assignments I had the pleasure to draw all over the walls of Human Innovation‘s offices. They have recently moved and I was happy to hear they wanted to utilise my wall painting abilities again!


This new version replaced the, “straight onto the wall” energy, with a more refined vibe, reminiscent of vintage signage. It was important that I still retained an element of playfulness and took inspiration from circus posters and hand painted signs. I looked at the features that were often used in vintage signage, for example text that followed a curved line, a variety of fonts and ornate flourishes. The statement needed to make a strong impact, whilst maintaining a grown up yet crafted feel.


I started off the process by creating an initial sketch. After scanning, vectorising and scaling I then printed it onto multiple pieces of A3 paper, joined them together and double checked the image in situ.



Once I checked it fitted, I covered the back of the image with graphite pencil. After pinning it back up I drew over all of the details. The graphite pencil transferred onto the wall as I applied pressure. Once I took down the image, this is what remained.


If you click through the link in this photo you will see a Time Lapse video of the first “Painted” marks I made and how I was able to use the graphite pencil as a guideline. This allowed a neat, professional edge to the work with a helping hand from Liquitex Paint Markers.

The wall was particularly shiny so did take a few coats to get it looking as neat as possible. At this point you can see that the “A” has the ideal depth of black yet the word “Consumers” is definitely waiting for its 2nd coat. Please click on this image to see the work in progress.


At this point I added grey to the stripes. You can see that the word “Consumers”  looks much better after its second coat. You can also see that I have coloured in the ornate swirls. Click the image to see this part come to life.


As I became more confident, I actually began to use a paintbrush along with the pens. (The pens have thick chisel tip nib, but often the paint would get clogged.) I had to be extra careful around the edges which meant it was a little more time consuming compared to my normal rate. I felt this exercise in precision, was definitely outside my comfort zone, however I was determined to get ultra professional and neat results.

There are definitely lots of cool elements of the Human Innovation’s new office and I am very happy to be part of the new look. Its a great space to work in. One of my favourite aspects is the furry friends that will often make an appearance. Molly the Basset Hound really helped celebrate the completion, although I had no idea she was going to be that heavy! Click the image to see the stripes in completion.





I had a really great time painting the wall in this way. I enjoyed embracing the challenge aspect and I am really pleased with the results. Here is an image of the wall painting once finished. I had to take full advantage of the wonderfully well co ordinated outfits of these two, with their white and grey combo. It also gives an indication of the scale.



This image also exists in a digital format. I especially like how it looks with white on black.

We Help Ambitious Brands CHALKBOARD EFFECT-01

I am very excited by this new “ambitious” scale I am working in and if you would like to commission me for a murals/bespoke artwork please don’t hesitate to get in touch. It’s a great addition to a workspace or office. Thank youIMG_5969