AQR Being Human Event

I was lucky enough to Illustrate at the Association of Qualitative Researchers conference about “Being Human” I had initially been contacted to Illustrate with DUB who were running an interactive workshop about “Psychological Hacks for Better Online Qual” but was able to stay and capture what was been discussed throughout the day.

The content of the conference was extremely inspiring and it cemented in my mind why Research and Insight is the sector I love to Illustrate in. It was a great opportunity to showcase my Live Illustration and view presentations from agencies within the Qualitative Research Industry.

Here is the outputs from the interactive session with Dub. I also created some Illustrated prompt cards as part of the stimulus.

AQR ILLUS small-02 copy Cards for DUB Multi

Here are the other Illustrations drawn at the event. I was very concerned to capture as much content as possible this is why the Illustrations are predominantly text based, however this was done in a very vibrant and expressive style. My Illustrations can have a differing amount of image content depending on the context and subject area. Each one of these smaller rectangles is A3 in size and is drawn with a combination of Sharpies and Pro markers.

AQR ILLUS small-01 AQR ILLUS small-03 AQR ILLUS small-04

As the event continued I began to pin the Illustrations up in the breaks so that people could begin to see a record of what was presented. By the end there was a wall full of Illustrations which was very exciting.

Live Illustration is very important. It is a good source of inspiration. It can prompt idea generation, acting as a visual reminder of concepts and discussions. It is inclusive and imaginative and projects creativity. It’s a brilliant way to engage and make the content truly memorable. It is also a very exciting deliverable for the qualitative findings especially as it is so instantaneous.

I am so glad I got to showcase my Illustrations in this way and be involved in this event. Please get in touch if you would like to have your event/workshop/focus group/co creation/ seminar/ conference/etc Illustrated in this way . Big shout out to everyone that has contacted me already and a big thank you to Stephen Cribbett and Dan Stracey at Dub and the team at AQR for inviting me.