Blast from the Past

Rediscovering art work from the past is always interesting. It makes you realise how you may of improved, but also shines a light on where your style has originated from.

I had forgotten how expressive I was with my mark making, how frequently I would combine ink and household bleach (hope there is no lasting impact to my health) and how expansive in scale my drawings seemed to be. I haven’t picked up a biro or even a pencil in close to 5 years and have swapped ink and watercolours for bold lines and sharp vectors.

The detailed element of my work has definitely remained and the smoothness of my lines have refined over time. I am not often sketchy or scratchy with my pen work, although the speed in which I draw is still pretty fast. Even though I am using programs like Illustrator more than I ever imagined, I use this mainly to colour and still employ the hand drawn feel frequently.

Blast from the Past BLOGPOST-01

Ink moleskin pages 2011 (approx) Ink and bleach couple 2006

Blast from the Past BLOGPOST-02

Illustration from 2nd Year of University 2006 Mixed Media including Bleach and Ink. Drawing of the SouthBank 2007

Blast from the Past BLOGPOST-03

Pen& Ink +felt tip and Detailed Biro combination of images 2005-2006 (Approx)

Blast from the Past BLOGPOST-04

Fineliner Pen combination of images A1 size 2005. View from the Gerkin (not that I ever went up) 2007

New for Blog-05 New for Blog-06

“Everything I learnt in the Art Academy” 2011 Pen & Ink. Blue ink and Biro 2006

Blast from the Past BLOGPOST-06

Life Drawing (Painting, with fingers not a brush) 2006

Its great to see that some things still remain, my Love for the Southbank for a start, the enjoyment of combining images together, intricate details, architecture, people.

Reflecting on this discovery, I have a strong desire to demonstrate the range of my techniques as well as maintaining a consistent style and identity. Perhaps it could be time to get the paints out again!