Wedding Fever- Shona and Jimmy’s Wedding

Shona and Jimmy commissioned me to create their wedding invite. They were inspired by the painting, “The Kiss”  so I illustrated a personalised variation making it recognisable as them as well as incorporating their daughter into the image. They chose the colour scheme and the drawing was printed onto light pink card. The brown envelope matched the brown of the main image and the pink was also used as the other accent colour. I made a pattern of their initials combined. This was made into a sticker seal for the envelopes. How the invite was designed meant that there was an image on either side and the folds meant it could stand on a window sill or mantlepiece. The invite opened to reveal the details of the wedding printed onto tracing paper, held in place with a star shaped paperclip.

It was my absolute pleasure to create something totally unique and custom made for their special day. Shona invites FINAL-01

Shona Pattern-01








IMG_1141 IMG_1142

I also created some signage for the “Pool Party” themed Hen do!