Wedding Fever- Adrianne and Tom’s Wedding

I had the absolute pleasure to design the wedding stationery for Adrianne and Tom’s wedding in New Orleans. We started off with a custom made pattern of their initials that turned into the outside of the invite. This opened up to show the details with a very New Orleans esque Alligator motif. The colour scheme was green and pink.Adrianne and Tom Alligators-01
pattern for web-01



IMG_1146 (1)

We also utilised the pattern for the order of service which was made in the shape of a fan. Perfect for May in the Deep South.





We experienced a real taste of New Orleans with a Crawfish boil. For this I also created some bunting and some banners for the Facebook Event.

Crawfish boil banner options-02

Crawfish Boil Poster-01

Bunting for blog-01

Bunting for blog-02 Bunting for blog-03

Bunting for blog-05


IMG_5195 (1)



There was also bunting at the ceremony along with a bubbly bar sign that I also illustrated.



Not to forget the alligators that appeared on the cups for the champagne!Thank you 9

I also made some thank you card designs for after the wedding.

Thank you 5 Thank you 6

This was such a great project to work on and so amazing to make something unique for such a special day. I always enjoy creating something with the initials combined, as at a first glance you can’t tell what it is, but as you take some time, more is revealed. Personalisation personified.