Day of the Dead Illustration

This is a Day of the Dead Illustration I created for Halloween this year with my Ipad pro with the Procreate app. I really enjoy using all the different drawing techniques this app enables. I especially like using bold layers of “coloured pencil effect” over dark backgrounds. As per usual I cannot help but turn my drawing into a pattern that repeats. IMG_0635

Variations on scull pic patterns-01

Variations on scull pic patterns-04

This is the Illustration I created the year before with a similar theme. Interesting to see how my work changes and evolves.

Day of the Dead 2-01

Wedding Fever- Joanne and Dean

This bespoke print I created has a strong Autumn Wedding theme, framing the bride and grooms name with a warm toned selection of leaves. I wanted the print to be bold and ornate and used a coloured pencil effect on the Ipad Pro with the Procreate app to get the right depth of colour. I also enjoyed layering up all the different elements. Totally unique only one that exists on the planet! Was my pleasure to make this for my cousin and her husbands wedding in Wales. Joanne Wedding

Wedding Fever- Abbrielle & James

2017 was definitely the year for Weddings and I really enjoyed creating this bespoke gift for Abbrielle and James for their wedding in Minnesota. They had their first date in the “Sparrow Cafe” so I knew their gift would have to include these birds in some way. I wanted this image to look like a paper cut out, so drew the illustrations with thick, bold black lines as if it had been created with a craft knife. I also joined all the elements together so it looks like it has been cut from one piece of paper, incorporating the text of their names and dates with the floral details. I drew this on the Ipad Pro with the Pro Create app then popped it into Illustrator for a bit of drop shadow to give it a slight 3d effect. So nice to create something totally unique and customised. Original was printed approx A3 size.

Wedding Fever- Adrianne and Tom’s Wedding

I had the absolute pleasure to design the wedding stationery for Adrianne and Tom’s wedding in New Orleans. We started off with a custom made pattern of their initials that turned into the outside of the invite. This opened up to show the details with a very New Orleans esque Alligator motif. The colour scheme was green and pink.Adrianne and Tom Alligators-01
pattern for web-01



IMG_1146 (1)

We also utilised the pattern for the order of service which was made in the shape of a fan. Perfect for May in the Deep South.





We experienced a real taste of New Orleans with a Crawfish boil. For this I also created some bunting and some banners for the Facebook Event.

Crawfish boil banner options-02

Crawfish Boil Poster-01

Bunting for blog-01

Bunting for blog-02 Bunting for blog-03

Bunting for blog-05


IMG_5195 (1)



There was also bunting at the ceremony along with a bubbly bar sign that I also illustrated.



Not to forget the alligators that appeared on the cups for the champagne!Thank you 9

I also made some thank you card designs for after the wedding.

Thank you 5 Thank you 6

This was such a great project to work on and so amazing to make something unique for such a special day. I always enjoy creating something with the initials combined, as at a first glance you can’t tell what it is, but as you take some time, more is revealed. Personalisation personified.


Wedding Fever- Shona and Jimmy’s Wedding

Shona and Jimmy commissioned me to create their wedding invite. They were inspired by the painting, “The Kiss”  so I illustrated a personalised variation making it recognisable as them as well as incorporating their daughter into the image. They chose the colour scheme and the drawing was printed onto light pink card. The brown envelope matched the brown of the main image and the pink was also used as the other accent colour. I made a pattern of their initials combined. This was made into a sticker seal for the envelopes. How the invite was designed meant that there was an image on either side and the folds meant it could stand on a window sill or mantlepiece. The invite opened to reveal the details of the wedding printed onto tracing paper, held in place with a star shaped paperclip.

It was my absolute pleasure to create something totally unique and custom made for their special day. Shona invites FINAL-01

Shona Pattern-01








IMG_1141 IMG_1142

I also created some signage for the “Pool Party” themed Hen do!




NHS Experience of Care Week

These Illustrations were created to accompany the “Experience of Care” Week and were used on Twitter to countdown to the event. I really enjoyed creating these Illustrations especially all the different NHS staff.nhs staff-01

people pattern-02

Experience of Care week ILLUS-01

Experience of Care week ILLUS-02

Experience of Care week ILLUS-03

Experience of Care week ILLUS-04

Experience of Care week ILLUS-06

Experience of Care week ILLUS-07

EOC Banner-07

Book rec-21


Children & Young people’s Advocacy Centre- LIVE ILLUSTRATION

Another Event with The University of Salford and NHS. Perfect opportunity for the young people to get involved with the colouring in and show case their own (very impressive) Illustration skills. Also showing some “house” drawings that were created beforehand as stimulus for the activities. YP ADVOCACY CENTRE ILLUS Multi 2-22 YP ADVOCACY CENTRE ILLUS Multi 2-23 YP ADVOCACY CENTRE ILLUS-02 YP ADVOCACY CENTRE ILLUS-15 YP ADVOCACY CENTRE ILLUS-16 YP ADVOCACY CENTRE ILLUS-17 YP ADVOCACY CENTRE ILLUS-18 YP ADVOCACY CENTRE ILLUS-19 YP ADVOCACY CENTRE ILLUS-20