Promarker Patterns

I use ProMarkers frequently whilst colouring in quickly as I create my Live Illustrations. I usually make sure all my pens are still working before each workshop. In this case I decided to make something out of my “pen testing” exercise

I didn’t really think much about what I was creating, just went with the flow.
coloured pens overlapped

felt tips

I then cropped sections of these images, duplicated, and then flipped with mirror image.  I hope to print them onto fabric.  I love how each little cropped section creates such different results, especially as it started its life as such an impulsive drawing.

pens pattern-01

pro marker patterns-03

pro marker patterns-04


Transition Stakeholder Event- Leeds

Incredible time Illustrating at the Transition Stakeholder Event at Leeds Hospital. Reviewing the project one year on. Transition is a key theme I have Illustrated within the NHS. The gap between children and adult services and trying to keep it as seamless as possible. Listening to the voices of the young people is the main way in which this can be improved.

Transitions Leeds-27 Transitions Leeds-28 Transitions Leeds-29Transitions Leeds-20 Transitions Leeds-22 Transitions Leeds-23Transitions Leeds-14

“Growing up at Kings”

Very interesting Event at Kings College Hospital about establishing a service for Young People. Real insight into what happens within different departments of the hospital. Incredible people really making a difference. Absolute pleasure to capture. Here is a combination of all images as well as a few of my favourites large scale. Multi 1 Multi 2 Multi 3

Kings NHS Illustration-02 Kings NHS Illustration-04 Kings NHS Illustration-06 Kings NHS Illustration-10 Kings NHS Illustration-15

Kings NHS Illustration-14

Transforming Culture & Practice in Children’s Social Care

These Illustrations were created at the “Transforming Culture and Practice in Children’s Social Care Assessment” Event with the Council for Disabled Children. These Illustrations show the narrative captured from the speakers, a visual recording of the day.  Transforming culture and practice-20 Transforming culture and practice-21

Council for Disabled Children- Social Care Innovation Programme

It was great to Live Illustrate at the Council for Disabled Children, Social Care Innovation Programme. It was key to celebrate the young peoples involvement and I was lucky enough to have help with the colouring in during the event. This is a record of the activities they have taken part in during the programme from the perspective of the participants.

Council for Disabled Children POSTERS-02 Council for Disabled Children POSTERS-03 Council for Disabled Children POSTERS-04

“From Beer to Medicine “UCL Biochemical Engineering Event 2016

From Beer To Medicine Poster EMAIL-01I enjoyed creating this Poster for the event back in September. I decided to keep it very crisp and clean by drawing everything with vectors on Illustrator rather than drawing with a pen (which is my normal medium of choice) I still tried to include quite a bit of detail including the beard and the earrings. Below you can see the original sketch, a screen grab of the image appearing on the Howling Hops Instagram page and it featuring in Crack  Magazine. Its always nice to see something you have created in print. Thank you to the team at UCL for commissioning me to Illustrate this Poster

UCL poster extras-01


TED X Event- The Complexity of Simple things. University of Bristol

It was such a great opportunity to Live Illustrate at the Ted X Event at the University of Bristol. I had a wonderful time bringing the content to life from such incredible speakers. With subjects ranging from “Is MDMA Psychiatry’s antibiotic” to, “A crash course in resilience: igniting your inner fireball!” not to mention, “To pee or not to pee?” the day was jammed packed with a vast range of thought provoking presentations. We even had an appearance from Pulsar’s very own Francesco D’Orazio to finish off the day.





TED X Bristol Individual-01 TED X Bristol Individual-15 TED X Bristol Individual-20 TED X Bristol Individual-24For a full list of everyone that featured please follow this link. 

Big shout out to the wonderful team at the University of Bristol that organised the event and got me involved! Thank you!