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Mia’s Story- My youngest client EVER

Mia contacted me as she had seen the work I had created for the Heritage Lottery Fund that documented Danielle’s story and she asked if I could create the same for her. Mia is totally inspirational and it was my absolute pleasure to draw this for her. By the looks of it she is still doing great work and demonstrates what you can do (at such a young age) when you really put your mind to it. Youngest client ever at 9!

Mia poster1 Mia poster2

Promarker Patterns

I use ProMarkers frequently whilst colouring in quickly as I create my Live Illustrations. I usually make sure all my pens are still working before each workshop. In this case I decided to make something out of my “pen testing” exercise

I didn’t really think much about what I was creating, just went with the flow.
coloured pens overlapped

felt tips

I then cropped sections of these images, duplicated, and then flipped with mirror image.  I hope to print them onto fabric.  I love how each little cropped section creates such different results, especially as it started its life as such an impulsive drawing.

pens pattern-01

pro marker patterns-03

pro marker patterns-04


Transforming Culture & Practice in Children’s Social Care

These Illustrations were created at the “Transforming Culture and Practice in Children’s Social Care Assessment” Event with the Council for Disabled Children. These Illustrations show the narrative captured from the speakers, a visual recording of the day.  Transforming culture and practice-20 Transforming culture and practice-21

Council for Disabled Children- Social Care Innovation Programme

It was great to Live Illustrate at the Council for Disabled Children, Social Care Innovation Programme. It was key to celebrate the young peoples involvement and I was lucky enough to have help with the colouring in during the event. This is a record of the activities they have taken part in during the programme from the perspective of the participants.

Council for Disabled Children POSTERS-02 Council for Disabled Children POSTERS-03 Council for Disabled Children POSTERS-04